Sunday, June 24, 2012

I'm Back.....

Wow has it been a long two weeks or what? To be honest it feels like it has been much longer than two weeks since I have found time to do a post! So let me feel you in on why I have dropped off the face of the blog world for awhile. As you all know from my last post I work for a roofing company. Well 2 weeks ago we got hit with one of the biggest hail storms in the last 100 years! Needless to say it is insane at my work! I get home and I am pretty much dead to the world. Here are a few pictures of the storm. We had golf ball and soft ball size hail in a huge part of our city!

Talk about some wicked clouds huh!!

We can't forget our Nickelback concert! We manage to get front row and it was amazing!

Me and My BFF!!

We met some really cool people at the concert! They were fun!

Then Wednesday night my Friend and I took my son and his girlfriend out for a photo shoot! The pictures turned out amazing!!

I Think this one might be me my favorite!

I insisted on being in at least one of them! lol...

Then Friday night my friend Jen asked me if I wanted to go see Haley Reinhart from Last years American Idol with her! We manged to get back stage passes to meet her and JohnJay and rich who are some pretty famous dis jockeys from  a radio station we listen to! It was a blast!

I really hate to end this blog on a sad note but I have no other choice. Saturday afternoon a fire started very close to our home! It is so depressing to see our mountains up in flames! Colorado has 8 major fires going now at one time and we are in the middle of a major water drought. Half of our beautiful state is literally up in flames! The fire that started yesterday is about 15 miles from our home and the smoke is unbelievable! We are starting to see the ash fall from the sky and my heart just breaks. I don't think I have ever seen anything like it in my life!

Please Pray for all the fire fighters, Wild life and all the homes that are in the path of this horrible fire!

Thank guys!


  1. MON!! I have missed you! Sounds like you have been busy! I hope the fires end soon! The pictures of your son came out great! Hope you have an easier week this week.

  2. Dang girl! To say you've had a crazy two weeks is an understatement! I've missed you terribly, but I am glad you and your family are okay! I'm glad to see that work hasn't tied you down too much! Always make time to have fun! The photos of your son and his girlfriend are awesome! The fires out there are crazy! We've been trying to keep informed about them since we will be out there in a few weeks! We are going reguardless! I have to give you a big southern hug! ;) Don't ever leave me like that again! I kid!
    Oh! I also tagged you in my post today!

  3. Welcome back! I saw Nickelback in concert a few years ago -they were great. Hope the fires end, Colorado (and other states affected) are in my prayers.

  4. wow, hope the flames stop soon.

    The pictures of your son and his girlfriend are soooo adorable.

  5. Im glad your back Monica!!! I of course get to see you whether you blog or not but I know how much you enjoy blogging and I enjoy reading your blog! The pics of Josh and taylor tired out amazing! Amy did such a great job!!! Ok see you tomorrow :)

  6. Monica!!!! Well I see you've had time to go to concerts. What's up with that girl? Those pictures are so cute...did you drink the Koolaid? Are you starting to waiver in your "wedding" hype? Well truly it's good you got some time to have fun. Sounds like you've been working a lot. I've been doing a lot of stuff to put some new paintings in the shop. BTW you have to find a sec to send in a Pet Pic. Let me know what you think of the Pet Paintings. Will be thinking of you....hope the fire dies down soon.

  7. I'm glad to see you back! I've been wondering where you went!
    I'm glad you had time to enjoy a concert amidst the crazy schedule you've been having.
    Those pics of your son and his gf turned out great, too!
    And I hope you stay safe and away from the fires. It's so horrible what I've seen, and I know that's not even the worst of it. I can't imagine my state being up in flames. I will send rain vibes your way and hope it comes to an end very soon.
    Have a great week lady!

  8. I've been wondering where you went off to!! I'm sorry to hear about the hail storms! The photos of your son and his girlfriend are adorable. They're totally in love, you can really tell :)

  9. photos are adorable!
    definitely will keep colorado in our prayers
    check out our post!