Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I am so blessed!

December 19th will always be very special to me! It happens to be our daughters 15th birthday! I cannot believe our baby is no longer a baby anymore! It is amazing how fast your kids grow up! All she wanted for her birthday was for me to take her to get her drivers permit, seems like just yesterday I was taking our son for the very same thing and she was crying that the time will never come where she will be able to drive and here we are 2 years later! Little does she know that isn't her real present! We got her the movie " Pitch Perfect" and the new Nexus 7 tablet! I hope she likes it!

I feel even more blessed after hearing about the horrible shooting last week and for all those parents who lost their precious babies at such a very young age! I cry and pray for the families every single day that God will help them get through this very devastating time! On Friday December 14th the streets of Heaven was filled with little Angles! Thank you God for the 15 years of Joy you have given me with our Daughter she is truly a blessing!


Thursday, December 6, 2012

IT's Ok Thursday

I Can't believe it's only Thursday! What a long week it has been this week! Oh well only one more day to go and the weekend is here! Happy to link up today for It's ok Thursdays!
It's ok...  That I'm sitting here in bed at 1:00 in the morning listening to my husband SNORE because I can't sleep! Work should be fun today with no sleep!
It's ok... That my wonderful husband forgot to put the towels in the dryer like asked and now they smell of mildew! Thank God for pinterest for letting me in on the secret of how to remove mildew smell from your clothes. For all of you who don't know all you do is wash them with one to two cups of white vinegar with no fabric softener in HOT water. Run the washer a second time with detergent NO fabric softener then put in dryer! I tried it and it actually works.
It's ok... That I think this is totally funny and hope that I can NEVER relate no matter how old I get!
It's ok... That I text this to my Mom last night and haven't heard back! Hope she didn't take it the wrong way but I happen to agree!

It's ok... That my daughter has her last driving class today then she can get her drivers permit! Oh how I feel old! Just another stepping stone to them getting older. It seems like just yesterday when she was nervous to start middle school and now she is in high school! It's kind of scary how fast they grow right before your very own eyes!
It's ok... That I totally want this tank! It truly is me, well maybe not the classy part. lol
It's ok... That I still haven't finished my Christmas shopping. That is on my to do list this weekend I'm 70% done so it should be a piece of cake!
It's ok... That we have had our hot tub for over two weeks now and still have not be able to use it! The electrician is coming over today to get it all hooked up so hopefully all goes well and my fat ass will be sitting in it tomorrow!
It's ok... That nothing pisses me off more than those people who look down upon you because you have tattoos! Let me say one thing those who judge are going to be judged to one day and it's not going to be pretty! I have 6 tattoos and am thinking about getting one more!
And last but not least it's totally ok that a coffee from star bucks can make my day! Hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday and an even better Friday!