Friday, August 31, 2012

life's Updates

Long time no write lol.. Sorry guys my life has been turned upside down since my nephews accident! But as I said in my last post (written so long ago :>) life does indeed go on!

It's been almost 3 very long weeks since Tyler has been home. He is starting to get all settled in at the Rehab hospital and doing fantastic! When he first arrived it was such shock to see where he will be living for the next  3-6 months. Everyone there is of course in wheel chairs including the staff behind the desks. It was a very sad reality check of the new life style Tyler will be living. I would be a liar if I said that I didn't cry anymore.The reality is I cry every single night at bedtime praying  for God to please give him a miracle!

Tyler went on his first outing to 7-11 he had to wheel himself and get himself his own Slurpee. He did great!

Saturday night he surprised his girlfriend Emily with a promise ring. It was so awesome and brought tears to my eyes!

Tuesday night we had a bit of a set back! Tyler has 3rd degree burns on his back from laying on 109 degree asphalt while waiting for the flight for life to come and get him. Due to the spinal cord injury his burns don't get any air for them to heal. He had to go in for skin graph surgery Tuesday and it turned out to be much more painful than anyone could imagine. He has to be on bed rest for the next 7 days in order for the skin to attach to his back. Please keep him in your prayers!

Ok on a lighter note I am finally getting my ass out and going to have me some DAM FUN! Steve and I are going to Black Hawk with some very dear friends tonight to eat, drink and hopefully win us some MONEY! I look very much forward to being able to finally blog about something fun in my life!

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Hope everyone has a fun and safe weekend!


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Life goes on!

Thanks to everyone who kept me and my nephew in their thoughts and prayers! Words cannot express what a wonderful feeling it was to know I've not only been thought of but missed as well!
Tyler was stable enough to be flown home last Wednesday and is doing great!

He started Rehab yesterday and although it's very painful he is getting through it! It took some time but we are all excepting  the reality that faces us everyday! Tyler is a blessing and we thank God everyday that we still have him! It may not be in the condition we hoped for but he will get through it! I keep telling myself that he will be able to do everything that I can do the only difference is he will have to do it in a chair. Tyler keeps proving me right everyday! As the saying goes " Live today to it's fullest for tomorrow may never come!" That saying makes so much more sense to me now and I am trying so hard to do just that!

He was and always will be a NUT.

Me, my sister and Tyler.

God gave him so much strength it's unbelievable!

Thanks for reading guys! And remember each day is a blessing so make sure to enjoy everyday for you never know what tomorrow may bring!

Me So Horny Me love you long time..

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I will be back soon with an actual blog post for all my friends!!!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Life can be changed within a BLINK OF AN EYE!

My dear friends how I have missed not blogging! I really don't even know how to start this post? July 25th  has by far been the worst day of my life! My Beautiful Nephew was involved in a horrible motorcycle accident! He was on a Family vacation In Kentucky with his best friends family. They decided to go on a motorcycle ride when a deer jumped out in front of them and caused them to crash! He was flown in by flight for life to Vanderbilt University hospital! He has suffered two punctured lungs, 7 broken ribs and has crushed his spinal cord. The doctors say he will never walk again...

Let me say one thing I believe in Faith, I believe in God and I believe in PRAYER and I know that with all three of those my nephew WILL WALK AGAIN! He is one of the most amazing and strong kids I have ever known. When I walked into the ICU unit I couldn't help but cry and he looked and me and whispered " Auntie no crying allowed." He continues to make progress more and more everyday. We are hoping he will be off the ventilator, the feeding tube and both chest tubes by the weekend so he can be airlifted back home to Colorado! Then he will be admitted into a Rehab hospital for 3-4 months to help the spinal cord get strong again.

Let me tell you my friends my life changed on July 25th! I hug my kids tighter, I pray harder, I drive slower. I appreciate the little things in life like being able to ride a bike, Walk to the park , drive a car.  My family is EVERYTHING to me and I will do anything for them! I won't be posting as often as I like because I will be spending a good part of my time helping my sister with my nephew! I will be there for every tear, every smile and every laugh! Please keep my nephew and family in your prayers. We have a long tough road ahead of us but will make it with the help of God.

This is Tyler showing me how strong he really is!

This was taken the day before his accident! He really is my Superman!!

And last but not least my Favorite picture taken last summer! Tyler " I Love You"