Thursday, February 7, 2013

Prayer Request Please!

Ok my fellow blogs friends this chica is asking for as many prayers as possible! I have been so strong for my family this last year and now find myself needing to find the strength for myself! 

For the past year I have been having problems with reoccurring yeast infections! For those of you who have never experienced one considered yourself very lucky! Anyway to make a long story short last Friday I went into the Dr office and they did a culture. I get a call back that Monday saying they needed me to come in so they can do a biopsy cause something just wasn't right! I was so scared to go in and get the procedure done but knew I had no choice!

I had my appointment yesterday and walked out of the office so scared that I couldn't speak! The things that go on in your mind when you have to go through something like this is unbelievable! The Dr said we should know more by the end of this week, the beginning of next week! She is testing for two different kinds of infections and if either one of those come up positive then it will be a simple prescription and if not then she will have to send me to a University to do further tests.

I believe with all my heart that God will NOT let me take on anything that I can't handle and at the same time I a scared to death!!!! Please pray that if this comes back to be something more than a simple infection that God will put his hands on me and give me the strength to get through whatever the future may hold!!

Thanks guys...



  1. Oh girl! I've been through this before! I had one for almost 6 months! Talk about miserable! I pray that it is simple and all comes out okay!

  2. So sorry to hear Monica. I had recurring ones as well after so many antibiotics, it took forever to get under control. I also discovered that I was allergic to scented detergent which made matters worse so I definitely know what you're going through. Sending you all my prayers, you'll get better girl!

  3. prayers coming your way, stay strong!

  4. Stay strong. Hope it's nothing serious at all.

  5. Let us know ASAP what you find out. You're in my prayers Chica without even asking. Love ya girlie and pray that all things turn out good for you. Big Hugs!

  6. I am horrendously late on this but I hope everything is well and I will keep you in my thoughts.