Thursday, May 16, 2013

Happy Thursday Peeps!

Happy Thursday guys! Friday is just around the corner and I am freaking out!!! So much shit to do and not enough time!! I Can't believe my little boy is graduating high school next week! It really does make me want to CRY.... So I have one more week to get ready for the big Graduation Party my hubby and I are throwing for Josh. He decided at the last minute to take his girlfriend to his Senior prom and boy am I happy they went! They had a blast!! Funny story, Josh is a very quiet and shy kid always has been and always will be! The day after prom I got wind that he was tapped out for "Dirty Dancing" OMG!!!! I was laughing so hard because that is so out of his character! He made MaMa proud! lol..... My hubby always says the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree and in this case it is true! 

I Just love this Kid..

 Can't forget my girl! Before I know it I will be going through the same thing with her! Crying at her Graduation!! Girl's make sure you make the most out of every single day with your kiddos because they really do grow up in the blink of an eye!

Thanks for stopping by guys! Hope everyone has a great day!!



  1. LOVE LOVE that last pic of you and your girl! It's beautiful!

  2. You're children are gorgeous! And you're one hot mama for having kids old enough to be graduating. Have a great weekend CHica!

  3. You are an awesome Moma! I swear! I had a cool mom like you and I appreciate the fact that she still is! You're thebomb{dot}com!

  4. You've beautiful children, what wonderful pics. So stylish and glam! My son had his band play an acoustic set out in the garden to celebrate his graduation. There was fairy lights and streamers and things to start with, a barbeque and beer tent. By midnight cans covered the lawn, a girl fell through the gazebo they bought, someone vomited into his guitar and someone else let the neighbour's rabbit loose. I had no idea they could jump so far! Some graduation do! My morning hangover involved wishes he had been born thick.