Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Life goes on!

Thanks to everyone who kept me and my nephew in their thoughts and prayers! Words cannot express what a wonderful feeling it was to know I've not only been thought of but missed as well!
Tyler was stable enough to be flown home last Wednesday and is doing great!

He started Rehab yesterday and although it's very painful he is getting through it! It took some time but we are all excepting  the reality that faces us everyday! Tyler is a blessing and we thank God everyday that we still have him! It may not be in the condition we hoped for but he will get through it! I keep telling myself that he will be able to do everything that I can do the only difference is he will have to do it in a chair. Tyler keeps proving me right everyday! As the saying goes " Live today to it's fullest for tomorrow may never come!" That saying makes so much more sense to me now and I am trying so hard to do just that!

He was and always will be a NUT.

Me, my sister and Tyler.

God gave him so much strength it's unbelievable!

Thanks for reading guys! And remember each day is a blessing so make sure to enjoy everyday for you never know what tomorrow may bring!


  1. Continuing to pray for you and Tyler. I hope he continues to see positive improvements during rehab. And I'm glad he has you guys and such a great attitude to help him get through! So many other people would have given up at this point. That says a lot about his character!

  2. You are awesome for being there for him and your sister! Tyler seems like a true fighter and he is pulling through some tough battles! He's made it this far and will continue to conquer all battles that are in front of him! Way to go Tyler! Love ya Monica!