Friday, August 31, 2012

life's Updates

Long time no write lol.. Sorry guys my life has been turned upside down since my nephews accident! But as I said in my last post (written so long ago :>) life does indeed go on!

It's been almost 3 very long weeks since Tyler has been home. He is starting to get all settled in at the Rehab hospital and doing fantastic! When he first arrived it was such shock to see where he will be living for the next  3-6 months. Everyone there is of course in wheel chairs including the staff behind the desks. It was a very sad reality check of the new life style Tyler will be living. I would be a liar if I said that I didn't cry anymore.The reality is I cry every single night at bedtime praying  for God to please give him a miracle!

Tyler went on his first outing to 7-11 he had to wheel himself and get himself his own Slurpee. He did great!

Saturday night he surprised his girlfriend Emily with a promise ring. It was so awesome and brought tears to my eyes!

Tuesday night we had a bit of a set back! Tyler has 3rd degree burns on his back from laying on 109 degree asphalt while waiting for the flight for life to come and get him. Due to the spinal cord injury his burns don't get any air for them to heal. He had to go in for skin graph surgery Tuesday and it turned out to be much more painful than anyone could imagine. He has to be on bed rest for the next 7 days in order for the skin to attach to his back. Please keep him in your prayers!

Ok on a lighter note I am finally getting my ass out and going to have me some DAM FUN! Steve and I are going to Black Hawk with some very dear friends tonight to eat, drink and hopefully win us some MONEY! I look very much forward to being able to finally blog about something fun in my life!

P.S Please don't judge but I am so freakin excited about the give a way I won over at Everything According To Jen.I won not one but TWO vibrators!! Sorry guys but every woman should have one! Just saying......

Hope everyone has a fun and safe weekend!



  1. Again, I will keep Tyler in my prayers!

    (2) Vibrators??!!? - SO JEALOUS!! LOL

    Have a great weekend with your hubs and friends - you deserve it!

  2. Mo! Oh how I've missed you! I've been praying daily for Tyler! I'm so glad that you are getting out and about! Have fun and relax! Oh, some how between coming home from CO I have misplaced your loot! So, hopefully this weekend, I will find it and mail it out! SORRY!

  3. I am glad that tyler is making some progress. Enjoy your fun time with friends this weekend.

  4. Glad he is doing so well! And I'm also glad you get to be out and having some fun yourself. You need to take care of yourself too! Which is where the vibrators come No judging here :) Every girl needs a "toy chest."

  5. I have tears in my eyes reading this. I hope he continues to improve. My thoughts and prayers are with him and your family. I hope you get to enjoy yourself this weekend Mon. You deserve it! <3