Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I am so blessed!

December 19th will always be very special to me! It happens to be our daughters 15th birthday! I cannot believe our baby is no longer a baby anymore! It is amazing how fast your kids grow up! All she wanted for her birthday was for me to take her to get her drivers permit, seems like just yesterday I was taking our son for the very same thing and she was crying that the time will never come where she will be able to drive and here we are 2 years later! Little does she know that isn't her real present! We got her the movie " Pitch Perfect" and the new Nexus 7 tablet! I hope she likes it!

I feel even more blessed after hearing about the horrible shooting last week and for all those parents who lost their precious babies at such a very young age! I cry and pray for the families every single day that God will help them get through this very devastating time! On Friday December 14th the streets of Heaven was filled with little Angles! Thank you God for the 15 years of Joy you have given me with our Daughter she is truly a blessing!



  1. Happy Birthday Brianna! You have one awesome mom!

  2. Best Birthday wishes to a very beautiful Brianna!! (like her mom).
    Its good to hear from you- i've missed you! Big hugs sweet girl!