Thursday, January 10, 2013

It's Ok Thursday!

Time for one of my favorite link up!

It's ok... That I wanted to strangle my son yesterday! The day was going great up until 9:00 in the morning when I got a call at work that Josh had wrecked his truck AGAIN... He's only been driving for 9 months and has already been in two accidents both were his fault!!! Thank God it was only a fender bender and he wasn't hurt! Looks like his driving privileges are going to be gone for awhile...

It's ok...  that I applied for my concealed weapons permit and will be carrying here in a few months! I don't understand how people can want to take away our right  to carry a concealed weapon in the first place!! I understand and agree that we need to come up with a plan to get the guns away from the wrong people but the citizens who are actually purchasing the guns aren't them!! 

It's ok... That I am sooooo excited for the weekend to begin!! I have BIG BIG PLANS...  My 5 day weekend starts Friday at 2:00. My girlfriends are taking me out for my belated birthday! Going to  Happy Hour then off to Brunswick to bowl a few frames and drink me some beer.Let the fun begin!!

It's ok... That I love me some Football!!! I am a huge Bronco fan and we get to play against the Ravens on Saturday we better kick some ass to make it to the second playoff game!

ORANGE &BLUE all the way baby..

Its' ok... That I'm mostly excited for SUNDAY!!! We leave for Vegas...... the day has finally come for our trip! We are going with some very dear friends and I can't wait! We have tickets to go see Love & Chris Angel...  Vegas better be ready for us!!

 It's ok ... That I am madly in love with Taylor Kitsch better known as Tim Riggins on the show Friday Night Lights! Talk about eye candy I love me some Taylor....

It's ok... That things have been disappearing from our house lately. I am blaming it on our Ghost who I have named Pedro.. Anyway I washed our sheets last weekend and Steve's pillow case disappeared I mean it is no where to be found! So My daughter found him a white one and decided to decorate it for him.. She is MADLY IN LOVE WITH ONE DIRECTION.. This is what she came up with lol lol... 

And YES he is sleeping on it.....Hope everyone is having a great day and I'm off to go check out what's ok with you all today!!! 



  1. MMM, Tim Riggins!

    & I am thinking about getting my conceal and carry too, just an extra safety step.

    That pillowcase is awesome by the way!

  2. Oooh have fun in Vegas! :) Here from the link up :D


  3. We're super excited for the game on Saturday, too...and a few beers and lots of football food!

    Have a great weekend!

    Gooooo Broncos!

    Momma Goose

  4. New follower via blog hop! hope you have fun in VEGAS! I want to goooo! <3 Christin

  5. My goodness, I can just imagine an imprint of her artwork on the side of his face, I hope that didn't happen.

    If you have never been to Vegas, you are going to have a blast! My husband and I were married there. If you get the chance to visit Fremont Street GO, do not miss it. I bought some artwork designed by an artist working with just spray paint, very interesting to watch how their designs come together.

    Have fun on your trip. Where are you staying?

    Amanda @3lilapples a new follow courtesy of A Complete Waste of Makeup.

  6. I am hoping to go and get my carry and conceal soon too!!

    Have fun in Vegas

  7. WOOHOO!! You're gonna Partay in Vegas and Live it up!!! Have the most awesome time Chica. I'm with you on the concealed weapons (spoken from texas country girl).
    You're daughter is too cute with her One Direction pillow case.
    Good thing your son is OK but i'm glad i'm not on the streets with him right now. HAHA
    Love ya!! Muah x0x0