Friday, January 4, 2013

I'm Back....

Wow! Where has the time gone?? Thank God 2012 is over! It was a rough one for me and my family that is for dam sure! Let's recap the last 3 weeks I've been missing shall we? Every year we celebrate Christmas with our dear Friends of 11 years together! This year was Amy's turn to be the host which I love because she is such an amazing cook!

We truly are BFF'S FOREVER!

Here is a shot of both of our families!

Had to get a picture of just us girls acting a little goofy!

 Then the big day Christmas! I have to admit I was dreading it this year. I don't get along with my Father and there was way  too much family drama but I made it with the help of my Niece, sister and a shit load of Alcohol! Thank You Seagrams and my wonderful Chelada's.

I just love Instagram!!

My Nephew Tyler is doing amazing since his accident and is learning how do function perfectly in his wheel chair!

Christmas came and went and unfortunately I had a birthday 3 days later! 45 OUCH.. I have to admit I was a bit depressed about hitting 45 but what can you do right? My Friend took me out to lunch and a movie and we had a blast! I usually celebrate my birthday with many friends drinking for all hours of the night but some were out of town so the girls are taking me out next Sat for the Celebration!! Things will get wild!

Amy really does spoil me!!
My Daughter Bri made me the most awesome card and we had a blast trying on Cowboy hats!

A perfect ending to the Holidays was receiving a package from my dear blogger friend Becky! She sent me the most awesome coffee mug that she made with my blogger name on it! I just love it and think of her every time I use it! Thanks again Becky you are such a doll for thinking of me!! On a side note hearing from a few of you by Text Christmas Day was defiantly Awesome! Laura, Annabelle and Holli I love you guys dearly!!!

Here's to 2013 that we are all blessed with family, good friends and our health!


  1. Welcome back - and happy 2013! Oh - and happy belated birthday!

    Looks like you had a great Christmas - even with all the stress!

    Your mug is awesome! Love personalized stuff!

  2. welcome back, I hope 2013 is wonderful for you!

  3. Oh i have that same mascara package from Sephora and i love it! I love you Chica and you cant hide now that i have your number. :)
    I wish i was there to celebrate your birthday with you. You look amazing! Have fun with your girlfriends.

  4. Yay glad to see you are back! Looks like a great holiday despite the family stuff. Happy Belated Birthday!