About Me


I'm Monica
Wife, Mom, Friend, Sister and one crazy ass Mexican!
I would do just about anything for my family & friends and always love to have a good time! 
I've been married for almost 20 years to a wonderful man! Don't get me wrong he can be a an ASS at times but we some how make it work :>) We have two teenagers Joshua & BriAnna and two beautiful labs Ella & Fergie. 

I love to Karaoke, Go To The Movies, Gamble, Read and all summer try to do the camping thing! My most favorite pass time is hanging out with friends drinking cocktails.

Follow me and join in on my adventure through what I call Life!

P.S Keep in mind my adventure in life might be a little inappropriate at times so don't be hatin' be appreciatin'!


  1. Girl, you do not look as though you have been married 20 (!!!) years and have teenagers! Dang, I hope I look like you when i've been married 20 years!

  2. I swear I was reading this and literally my mouth fell open... YOU DO NOT LOOK LIKE YOU HAVE BEEN MARRIED FOR 20 YEARS WITH TWO TEENAGERS?! OMG tell me your secret so when I become your age I look half as good as you!!!!