Thursday, February 16, 2012

It's Ok

It's ok...

*  That I am so excited that this is my first it's ok.

*  That my best friend just told me that I can't sing when I thought I could.

*  That I caved in and told my 14 year old daughter that she can get her nose pierced.

*  That I didn't change the empty toilet paper roll this morning and now my husband will have to do it.

*  That I had to take back the flowers my husband gave me for Valentine's Day the day after because they were already looking dead.

*  That I have to miss American Idol tonight because it is my book club night.


  1. Its ok... that you are missing American Idol because im coming tonight and its ok that im coming even though I did NOT read the book HAHAHAHA!

  2. It's ok that you not only crack yourself up but you crack me up too!! Can't wait for toinght!!

  3. My daughter has her nose pierced. It looks cute. Hopefully it will be a hole that will close up and not leave a mark when she decides she doesnt want it anymore!

  4. I leave the toilet paper roll empty sometimes just to see if the hubby will do it! Have a great weekend!