Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day!

Happy Valentine's day everyone!
What a great day to celebrate the love of your life! Let me fill you in on how I met mine.
It was over 20 years ago. He was my first and only blind date ever. It was his birthday
and some friends invited me to come along to celebrate! It ended up being his best friend Robbie,
and his girfriend Beth, whom I was friends with, Steve and myself. I only knew Steve by the nick
name of B Boy ( cause it was his birthday). I remember him wearing a pink tank top! {Does
anyone else think that was kind of weird?} lol Anyway we all four ended up going out for
pizza then back to Beth's house. Her parents were out of town! Ok I am really going to show
my age now because we spent the rest of the evening playing quarters ( I was really good) and
watching the movie " The Wall" by Pink Floyd. Unfortunately we ran out of beer so decided
(being the stupid kids that we were) to use Vodka! That was defiantly not a good idea! Needless
to say I had way to much to drink and got sick in the bathroom while B Boy stood over me
and held my hair! Yes held my hair. Talk about a good first impression huh! I then remember
him taking me for a walk to get some fresh air with one sock on and one sock off! I was a mess.
We then made it back to Beth's house and he tucked me into one of the beds while he went
and slept on the couch! I knew then that I wanted to be his favorite hello, and his hardest



  1. I love it! The pictures are amazing! I am absolutely going to start calling steve B Boy hahahaha :)

  2. So great! I love a good HEA in real life :) Great pictures, and can I just say, you look amazing!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! You are gorgeous and you do NOT look 44! Are you sure? What are your secrets?? ;-) Looking forward to reading more, just started following you =)