Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sometimes and Always

Sometimes And Always!

* Sometimes wish I didn't have to work
* I'm always grateful I have a job

* Sometimes say I'm only having a few diet cokes today.
* Always have way more.

* Sometimes say I'm not spending over my budget on groceries.
* Always spend WAY more than I'm suppose to.

* Sometimes say I'm not going to say a cuss word today!
* Always a cuss word flies out of my mouth!

* Sometimes want to dress up.
* Always end up wearing Jeans and a Shirt.

* Sometimes Want to take a bath.
* Always end up taking a shower.


  1. I always say I won't cuss again...and then about 5 minutes later something slips!

  2. I try to stop cussing all the time and I always fail. Some days are better than others though.

  3. Sometimes cuss words just slip out. Its normal, I think!

    Also, I tend to promise myself I'm going to dress up and look presentable for things but then I realize they are as important as extra sleep so I skip out on them!

    I gave up diet cokes a week ago today. Still going strong, but it is HARD!

  4. I tagged you on my blog!

    Also, I tried a RED moscato by Berringer tonight. It was SO good. I think I like it more than white moscato! :)

  5. sometimes nothing can match a four letter word when you need to get your point across.

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