Friday, April 19, 2013

OMG!!!!! Is that a PENIS??

Finally Friday...... So great story to start the weekend! I have a girlfriend who has been divorced for almost a year now and decided to try and get back into the dating seen! She registered herself on one of those online dating websites! She tells me about this guy Craig who has been texting her for a few days and thought he might be worth going on a date with! A couple of days ago she tells me she doesn't think she wants to meet Craig after all! I ask her why and she says she thinks he may only wants one thing (SEX)! I ask her why she thinks that, and she shows me her phone!! HOLY SHIT IT'S ONE BIG PENIS!!!! 

Yes the Moron took a picture of his Penis and sent it to her! Who sends that to a complete stranger?? I was in total shock! After viewing the picture with great detail we notice this very LARGE PENIS is discolored! Yes I said discolored. The bottom is dark brown then half way up it turns to a pink color! So after showing it to a few people in our office we named it "Two Tone" LMAO!!!! My friend sent the picture of "Two Tone' not only to a few of her friends but to her parents and sisters!! Needless to say little does "Two Tone" know but he has given all of us a huge laugh and a reminder of how many idiots there are out there in the World! 



  1. BAhahahaaa....what a freak!!!! Who has a two toned penis?! Crazy!

  2. Holy cow that is freaking funny! I bet I know who you are talking about. The girl, not the guy! hahaha! Tell her that she will find a good one eventually but def pass on this one! Big two toned weiner and all! haha

  3. oh my!! Girl , i'm telling you this isnt the first time ive heard of that happening. Apparently some gross memo went out to the single men on internet and said to snag a chick, show your dick ( hey i just made a rhyme). My girlfriend is currently on a few single sights and she could start a catalog of all the men member part photos that have been sent to her. EWWW!!

  4. THIS story is exactly why I'm SO glad you're back to blogging! HAHAHAHAHA!