Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tuesday Tunes!

Welcome to Tuesday Tunes!! I just love this link up! To every good song is a memory for me! Which brings me to my weekend! We took the kids to a Avalanche game and boy did we have fun! The best part for me is the MUSIC!! I just love the sound system and the random songs they play at these type of events! Here are a few oldies but goodies that had me on my feet!

After several beers I was a dancing fool and I didn't care who was watching! lol...

Hope everyone is having a ROCKING TUESDAY....


  1. Great stadium music!! Thank you for linking up sweety pie.

  2. Love me some FUNKY COLD MEDINA!!!! Old school is good school! lol

  3. I wish we had a professional team around here...in the boonies where I live :) I love going to sports games! Even if I don't like the sport-it's still fun to go because of the atmosphere.

  4. You'd make friends with my son's through these songs choices easy enough! I was surprisingly swept along with Funky Cold Medina. Enjoyed the rhythm to it!