Thursday, July 12, 2012

It's Ok Thursday

Here we go with one of my favorite Link Up.

*It's ok that it has been the longest week ever! Is it ever going to end?

* It's ok that yesterday I got into yet another fight with this Moron at work! I literally cringe when he walks into the office! I pretty much told him exactly how I felt about him and that he better keep his ass as far away from me as possible! This bitch don't take no shit!! lol lol..

* It's ok that right after my wonderful fight with the Moron one of our customers walks into my office and actually asks me " If I'm Married?" Were pretty sure he was going to ask me out! He was old enough to be MY FATHER!! AWKWARD!! Talk about a LONG ASS DAY!

Yes yesterday was one of those days... Thank God It's over already..

* It's ok that my daughter is madly in love with One Direction to the point of her becoming a stalker! lol One Direction this, One Direction that! Notice the phone case?

*It's ok that she actually sent me this picture so that I can learn their names before we go to the concert!

* It's ok that I'm actually trying to learn them..

* It's ok that I am excited to start learning how to tweet! I have a whopping 3 followers!! lol feel free to follow @monicaslife1 or not!!

* It's ok that I have not stuck to my diet or my exercise in almost a month! I will get back on the wagon soon enough!

* And last but not least it is totally ok it took almost 3 months to finally get a closing date for our Re-Finance on the house! We close tomorrow and are going to save over $400.00 a month! It's about time we catch a break..

Well guys that all I got. Thanks for stopping by and here is to everyone having a fantastic Thursday!!


  1. I think that it's totally sweet of you to learn the band members' names before the concert! That's a good mom move right there!

  2. Seriously, I love you! Don't take no crap girl! I'll be out there soon and will kick some bootay! I'm kidding, I couldn't hurt a fly. ha! Seeing BriAnna's love for 1D reminds me of when I was young. I loved me some Hanson! Don't make fun. Wait. Do you know Hanson? haha I need to eat a skinny person too. Gah. Everyone needs a break! I am glad you guys are getting yours! ;)

  3. This has been SOOOO LONG, UGH.

    I need to eat a skinny person too. haha.

  4. that is awesome about your house!! and funny about your daughter - I'm sure she'll appreciate you partaking in your obsession! : )

  5. I was wondering if you were gonna join the It's Okay Party. I did it. I actually remembered. Does it bother you how all of these parties now start like the day before they're suppose to. It does me. I kind of like to be near the top if possible....but heck why open the party so early? So you're tweeting now? Am I following you? Are you following me? To be honest ... I don't quite get the tweeting thing. It seems most of the people are bloggers and they just are plugging their blog or whatever. I wish I could have another tweet account that people I know actually tweet fun stuff. But tweet me. I still don't know when someone tweets me. I can't quite figure out how to set some sort of sound on my phone. Anyway .. it's gonna be a new week....hope it's better for you.

  6. I can't get followers for anything on twitter. Most of my friends only do FB and I haven't linked up enough on blogs to get followers that way. Oh

  7. Hey thanks for the comment on my post.... I seriously laughed out loud about One Direction! I teach middle school and all of my kiddos are OBSESSED with them too!

    And I feel the SAME way about the gym... I'll get there.... eventually (hopefully!)

    I juuuuust joined Twitter too!!!! My name is ADayInTheLife7

  8. Wow! I wish I could save $400 on my mortgage every month! My 15 year old daughter loves One direction, too and is convinced that she will marry Niall one day! LOL