Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My Amazing Daughter!

Yesterday I promised my 14 year old daughter BriAnna I would take her out to dinner and to a movie after I got off of work. She has been dying to see the 3D Katy Perry movie. We laughed all night long and had the best time ever! I can't believe what a wonderful young lady she is becoming. I enjoy my daughter more than anything in this world and as much as I hate her not being my baby girl anymore at the same time I look forward to seeing her grow and becoming not only my daughter but my very Best Friend..

The movie was awesome! I have to admit I love Katy Perry but wasn't overly excited to see the movie! To my surprise the movie was amazing and I am an even bigger Katy Perry fan! I give the movie a thumbs up! BriAnna and I will definitely be going to see her in concert if and when she ever comes to Colorado!


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  2. How sweet! She is gorgeous! Are you sure she is only 14? Of course you look more like sisters. I am having mother/daughter day out later because my daughter got a job and will be starting next week. I am glad for her but sad too. Have a good day Mon!

  3. You and BriAnna are so dang cute! I swear, her having my name is just icing on the cake! haha! I love me some Katy Perry too!

  4. what a gorgeous girl you've got! You guys are so sweet!

  5. And she is an amazing babysitter! ;)

  6. I took my daughter to see the movie too and we both loved it. I was pleasantly surprised with the portrayal of her story.

    She's a beautiful girl! Takes after her momma :)