Thursday, November 1, 2012

It's ok Thursday!

Time for one of my favorite link ups!

It's ok... That my daughter is totally obsessed with One Direction so I bought us tickets for the concert and yesterday she asked me if I minded not going with her and letting my nephew Tyler take her instead! Apparently they can get front row because he is handicap and needs wheel chair accessibility !! LMAO...... He said he would love to take her! Hello I just got dumped by my own daughter! lol lol... 

It's ok...  That I am so done with the election! I don't give a shit who wins I just want it OVER!

It's ok... That I am so excited for tomorrow night! We are going to dinner and a movie with some very dear friends that we have not hung out with for a while! BJ's for dinner and going to see the movie Sinister with Ethan Hawke! I love me some Ethan Hawke!

It's ok... That I truly feel like this most days! Our Customers can be such ASS HOLES!

It's ok... That we all went and got tattoos yesterday in honor of my nephew! We all got Strength and Courage and they turned out awesome


My sister.

My son.

Look closely it says strength one way and courage the other

And last but not least Mine!!

Thanks for stopping by guys!



  1. I love that you guys did those tattoos. That is awesome.

  2. love the tattoos, so cool! and I'm so ready for the election to be over too!

  3. Monica they turned out awesome!!!! Your son's ambrigam looks fantastic.

    Have fun at the movie and dinner!

  4. Love how everyone did something different with the tattoos, they all look great! I went to go see Sinister a couple of weeks ago, LOVED it but it totally freaked me out lol.

  5. Oh Chica, all your tattoos ROCK!!! I bet your nephew is so flattered and humbled that you guys did this together.
    Have a great weekend!! Tell me how you liked the movie, it seems like it would be good. Hugs!

  6. Love the tattoos and it's so sweet that you all did them to support your nephew :) I love BJ's!

  7. "And I'm just over here like, I love wine!" BEST quote ever! hahahaha

    The tats turned out GREAT! I think your son's is AWESOME!

  8. Oh Bri cracks me up! That's girl totally gets it from her Moma! LU-HUR-VE the tattoos!!!! I bet it hurt right there on your foot! I got one on the top and it was not comfortable!

  9. Love the new tats - so sweet!! And I love the double ones like your son got!!! They are awesome!!!

  10. New follower from the It's Ok Thursday link up!

  11. Loving the tats girl!!! WOW
    I am so over the elections too.
    I would like to offer you this award as well.