Tuesday, October 30, 2012

2 truths & A Lie!

2 Truths and a lie! Let's see if anyone can call me out on the lie?

1. I love Sushi.

2. I once beat up my brother in law.

3. I've always wanted to be a Truck Driver.

* If you thought the truck driver was a lie YOUR WRONG! I have always wanted to have my own rig and drive cross country! I love to drive and you would be able to see so much. 

*  If you thought number 2 was a lie wrong again! I did beat up my brother in law once! The day after my sister gave birth I was at a bar celebrating with my friends when I looked over and saw her husband KISSING another girl! I flipped........ I walked over and just starting beating the shit out of him!! My friends tried to pull me off but was unsuccessful! Finally the bouncers came over and kicked his ASS out! Thank God I new the bouncers otherwise I would have been kicked out as well! Needless to say that marriage didn't work!

* So that leaves us with the Truth. I hate Sushi! I love seafood but it has to be cooked for me to be able to eat it! I wish I liked it because there is so much hype about it and all my friends love going to Sushi bars!



  1. YUCK! I hate sushi too! And I actually don't like ANY seafood, cooked or not!

  2. I'm such a weirdo becuase i love most seafood but sushi is just not on my list. I'm like you girlie, cook it please. I also dont liek salmon. It's a little too fishy for me.
    I have many truck drivers in my family. When i was younger, my uncle would take me on long day runs - like from Dallas to Mississippi and back. I had so much fun.
    Your sister is lucky to have you beat someones ass for her!!

  3. I don't like sushi either. And no, I haven't really tried it either. I figure - I don't care for cooked seafood all that much - why in the world would i like it uncooked?! :) I wish I liked it too... it's so IN right now. haha

    Visiting via Asha's Linkup. :)


  4. I hate sushi too! It's so trendy now and I always feel like such a downer when I make plans to go out with someone and they suggest sushi. It makes my skin crawl!

  5. I actually like some sushi. You can get cooked sushi too. It's all in what you know about it. Some makes me gag! To each their own I guess!