Monday, March 5, 2012

Sometimes the UNPLANNED weekends are the BEST WEEKENDS EVER!!

Thought is was going to be a boring weekend and it turned out quite the opposite! Friday night went over to our good friends house for Pizza and Movies! Three of my most favorite things in the world! Friends, Pizza and Movies. Saturday night our Friends called wanting to meet them at a local bowling alley for some drinks and bowling! Talk about a blast! We bowled then ended up in the bar and enjoyed this awesome band!

I call this one the "Peak A Boo" look between me and Steve and you will see why! lol lol...

Talk about a fun Saturday night! Sunday came and the weather was beautiful so we decided to go hiking! So Steve, Bri and I headed out for a great hike!

We found these really cool caves!

That's it guys my AWESOME weekend all in a nut shell!!


  1. What an awesome weekend!!! That pic of my dad photo bombing you guys is epic!!!

  2. Sounds like a blast! The scenery during your hike is amazing! No wonder you love Colorado!