Friday, April 20, 2012

Best Book Club EVER!!

Ok so lastnight was the BEST book club night ever! I have the worlds greatest FRIENDS! The book we were discussing was 50 Shades Of Grey and man was it hot in there! lol lol.. We ate, drank, laughed  A LOT, drank, discussed the book, drank and made a video! I woke up this morning already looking forward to the next book club!!!

Me and My BFF getting photo bombed by my girlfriend Jenn.

The Three Amigas...

Ok so here is the story on this picture! At book club my girlfriends were talking about "Breading" I had no idea what that was. Well this is what it is! LMAO!!

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. i cannot even imagine how hilarious a discussion about that book has to be!

  2. You look great Mon! Sounds like a blast! I am just going through blogs and mail now. Had an impromptu trip to NYC I had a blast! Had to wander a little by myself while husband was in the NY office but I managed. Have a great weekend!

  3. I have heard SO much about this book! It's definitely going on my to-read list!