Thursday, April 5, 2012

It's ok Thursday already!

Holy smokes its Thursday already??? What a difference from last week!!

It's ok:

* That I hate all the singers on American idol that my daughter loves and that we always end up fighting at the end of the show!! Lol teenagers????

* That I look forward to this dam link up every week!! What is wrong with me?

* That I secretly want to get my fiends together to join another bowling league! A few of them would NEVER GO FOR IT!

* That I've had not ONE but TWO glasses of wine every night this week! I so look forward to my adult beverage after a long day at work!!

* That I'm going out with all my friends and their husbands Friday night and my husband doesn't want to go so IM GOING SOLO!!AND IM HAVING FUN!!!

* That my son is taking his girlfriend to her Senior Prom in TWO weeks and I still have not rented his tux!!! On my to do list this weekend!

* That my friends husbands are actually CALLNG me and THANKING me for picking out the book " 50 shades of grey" for our book club to read for the month!! They are happy men if you know what I mean!! Lol lol

* That I have cold sores growing under my nose because I sat out on my deck last weekend and forgot to put SUN SCREEN on and fried my face!! I should know better!


  1. You have to let know how the book is. lol I've heard good & bad review on it. I also drink wine every other night after a long day of work. lol

    And omg you better get that tux!!! lol

  2. I went bowling for the first time with my work a few weeks ago and LOVED IT. I would totally join a bowling team with you.

    Disclaimer: I am not very good at it, but I am funny as shit.

  3. we have the same blog name :)

  4. Yikes...I've got to get more organized. I want to get in on this link sometime. The days go by and I get my links confused. Anyway...hi. I had an idea that I'm knocking around my head. I'd like to have maybe one day a month or maybe more often...not sure yet... where I feature bloggers pets...preferably dogs ... but cats would be okay too. Maybe a linkup or something else fun. Heck maybe a doggie bloggie calendar. Would you and your guys be interested?

  5. Its a proven fact that drinking wine is good for your I think its ok that you've been drinking not 1 but 2 glasses a day lol
    -barbie @ Style of a Mrs.

  6. That Beringer looks delicious! Happy almost weekend!

  7. Moscato is the best! And red wine is good for you :) I've heard so much about that book. I'm currently fence about whether or not to buy it!

  8. hmmm lets see a better week and lots of wine....Could be the reason why? I hope you will be posting prom pictures. Going to order that book today! Isnt it a trilogy?

  9. I really enjoy your blog! Sound like you have had such a fun week! That is so awesome! And that picture of your son and his girlfriend is SO ADORABLE! Man, I remember prom!