Thursday, April 12, 2012

It's ok Thursday!

I can't believe it's Thursday already!

* It's ok that I absoutly love the new song BOYFRIEND by Justin Bieber I listen to it every morning going to work while singing into my pretend microphone!

* It's ok to have 3 dogs and still want another one even though I know that 4 would put me into the looney bin!

* It's ok to live paycheck to paycheck there is never a lot of money left over but thank God there is always enough to pay for food and the bills!!

* It's ok that I left my husband alone after we ate on Easter Sunday so we could all go see the Titanic in 3D!! It was awesome!!!

* It's ok that my dog just ate a scab from my cold scores on my lip and I asked my husband if he thought she was going to be ok  and he says  " I'm sure she will be fine she just might get ass Herpes!! Lol lol sometimes that man just kills me with his sense of humor!

* It's ok that I am super excited for date night with hubby Friday night. Dinner and a movie with no kids!!! We are going to go see American Reunion I heard it was hilarious!

* It's ok that I will NEVER ACT MY AGE!! I will always have that wild and crazy side that has to come out on a daily basis!! My friends love that about me!! My husband not so much!! Lol lol

Thanks for stopping by guys! 


  1. I love Justin Bieber's Boyfriend song.

  2. I love that piggy bank picture. That is exactly how we feel too...I love that you never act your age. That is fantastic :) You Go Girl!!!

  3. I used to think that JB was a joke. Now, this Boyfriend song, I loves!!! Scab eating dog....dogs will eat anything I tell ya! Eww. But funny! I don't like to act my age either! Acting our own age is boring! ;) Sistas like us are fun!

  4. Love the picture of the piggy bank. So so true! :) And we're thinking of getting a third dog. Some days I think we're crazy, but really I want to adopt every dog I see so just one more is being conservative, right? ;)

  5. Haha I love that piggy bank! Totally fantastic that you are still crazy and love it!!

  6. Haha I think JB sounds like JT in that song!
    I've heard great things about American Reunion...definitely want to see that too! Have a great time!

  7. I like the piggy bank! I just awarded you on my blog! You are linked on there Monica! Have a wonderful rest of your thursday!

  8. ahahaaa thank you for the early morning laugh! Love the piggy bank and the dog eating your scab (sounds gross but its funny) Have a great date night and a great weekend Mon! Lets make a pact to never grow up!