Thursday, May 31, 2012

It's Ok Thursday!

I Can't believe it is Thursday already! Where does the time go?
Shall we get started?

* It's ok that I can NOT start my day without coffee! I mean literally I have to have my coffee..

* It's ok that I went out for dinner and drinks with a my very good friend Todd last night and had a blast! He is always telling me how HOT I am and how much he misses me!! He is so good for my EGO! I have to be honest I LOVE IT! lol...

* It's ok that I am so excited for my new blog look! Thank you Jen for spending so much time on it for me and making it look awesome..

* It's ok that I love all my blog friends but there are three that stand out to me as being such amazing people and I just love corresponding with them! Laura, Becky and Annabelle you guys ROCK!!!

* It's ok that I think my good friends might be a little jealous of my blog friends! lol.. They love to give me shit about being a blogger! I guess if you don't blog you don't understand!

* It's ok that my family is leaving today for a 3 day camping trip without me! I am going to be so lonely!

Well guys that's all I have! Hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday..


  1. I love the new look! Very nice!

    With your family gone you'll have lots of time to chill out and relax, though, so that's a good thing :)

  2. Why do I feel all warm and fuzzy inside since I read this? Did you put something in my drink? Ha! Kidding! You're so sweet! Tell your real life friends to get a blog! ;) You can't be lonely! If I weren't 145,236 miles away I would hang out with ya to keep you company! Soon enough- one day! Love the blog love!

  3. I think bloggy friends are better than real life friends, until they turn into real life friends ;)

    Mmm.. I could go for some coffee now, even though it's 8pm!

  4. Blog friends are amazing! lol

    and hope you have a relaxing weekend, but I know what you mean about it getting lonely, it is almost too quiet!

  5. Ooh la la...your new blog is da bomb! You are so sweet. Someone likes me....I can't believe it....there'll be a little something extra in your christmas stocking little girl.

  6. did mean me right? I mean you might know lots of Beckys... Ok....this is an idea that's now going to fester.

  7. My friends don't understand blogging or bloggy friendships, either. I still LOVE it! Can't wait to follow along, your blog is cute!


  8. I am always talking about my blogger friends and my real friends think its just strange lol!