Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What an amazing weekend! I surprised my niece on Thursday and flew out with my sister to surprise her for her 21st birthday! She was so surprised! When she saw me walk out of the airport she dropped everything and ran to me with tears in her eyes!! We just hugged each other and cried!

The next day my sister and I took her out to lunch and cocktails! We then took her to get some groceries then back to her place for some more cocktails and home made pork green Chili and a movie. Hall Pass is one of the funnies movies you will EVER see! I highly recommend it!

Woke up the next morning and dropped my niece off at work and my sister and I drove and drove and drove.... I can't believe how beautiful Georgia is!
We ended up at Papadeaux's that is where my niece works. OH my gosh BEST RESTAURANT EVER! She worked until 4:00 so we thought we would get there a bit early and have a few drinks!

I do love my BEER!

The food is amazing!!!

Needless to say we had a little too much to drink and eat but had a total blast! All of her co-workers were coming up to us to introduce themselves to us and make sure we were being taken care of! It was crazy to the point where a customer went up To Lee while she was working and actually asked her who we were and get this " If we were famous" LMAO" my niece's response was " No but they like to think they are" lol lol..

This was our last night! We ended up keeping it mellow and went to a place called Taco Mac a restaurant/Bar.. I love my niece so much and am very proud of the young lady she has become...


  1. That's hysterical! A weekends with the sister, drinks AND a birthday celebration is the best!

  2. How sweet of you to surprise her! That dessert looks AMAZING!

  3. Im so glad you had such a great time! You def. deserve it!

  4. How exciting that you got to surprise her! Sounds like a fun trip.

  5. Awesome trip girl! Too bad I was still too far away!

  6. haha " are they famous?!" awesome!

  7. haha! Sounds like a blast! Your niece is gorgeous! Happy Birthday to her!