Tuesday, May 29, 2012

OK as the old saying goes " Better late than never"

Greeley thinks she rules the house hold.

These two try to get into as much trouble as possible! lol
All dressed up and no where to go!
Now that is one BAD HAIR DAY!


  1. Monica, Love all your fur baby photos....especially sweet little Greeley. The little ones always seem to think they rule the world...lol. Thank you so much for stopping by my little slice of the blog world and for the sweet comment about Jack. He is naughty with a capital "N", but we adore him. Have a great week!

  2. Hola, stopping by from the link up party! Your furbaby is adorable!!!! I have yet to put a bow on my pup, need to try it after seeing the bow on your furbaby!

  3. Adorable! I love your puppies : ) I just became a new follower to your fabulous blog!