Friday, October 26, 2012

Fridays letters

* Dear Tattoo Artist (Cousin) I was so pissed yesterday when you didn't have time to do all our Tattoos! It was a blessing in disguise Cause Josh (my son) isn't sure he wants the font you were going to use! We now have more time to get it right! Tuesday we will be ready!!

* Dear Snow I am so not ready for you! Driving home last night was a dam blizzard!

* Dear husband I know having my nephew living with us has been a little stressful and I can't Thank You enough for being ok with it!

* Dear Cold Sores all over my lips please go the hell away and never come back! I just hate you! I look like shit!!!!

* Dear Best Friend I can't wait to meet you for a drink after work today we have to make sure to sit in a dark corner so no one will be able to see my scary looking Cold Sores!

* Dear Stress please go away I don't want you here anymore!!!!

* Dear Friday thank God you are finally here! Nothing to do this weekend but hang out and watch movies! Looking forward to it....



  1. Monica
    I know the feeling of stress all too well, I have you in my thoughts now and prayers. I hope your stress gets alleviated soon.

  2. Snow?! I want snow! We finally got our cold front in this morning in Dallas and i'm so loving it. It's 53 degrees and perfect.
    I wish you could be here tomorrow for my bad ass Halloween party i'm having. Girl, i went crazy on the food, wine, drinks, decorations, all of it.
    Have a great weekend Chica!!!

  3. Hey girlie! Happy Monday!!! I just wanted to stop by and let you know that I nominated you for the liebster award!! Go check out my latest post :-)

  4. Hey love! I know the stress can definitely make those cold sores pop up! Try taking l-lysine (vitamin section of any store). Works like a charm for me & makes them go away about 75% faster!