Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Thanks to all my Blogger Friends!

I would like to Thank all my Blogger friends for all your thoughts and prayers for my nephew ! The beginning of Tyler's journey may be coming to an end and he may be discharged as early as this Friday! The renovations aren't completed to his home so my boy will be living with me for a few weeks! I welcome him with OPEN ARMS! I don't think any of you will ever know how special every comment you made on my posts about Tyler was! Every comment truly helped me keep my head up and my faith strong that Tyler will pull through and have a happy life!

I'd like to share with you a status he just posted last night on his Facebook! 

I don't know where to begin with this Facebook post. So I will start here July 25th I was involved in a motorcycle accident as you all know. I was going down the street when a deer ran in front of us and we hit her. The past couple of months I have been through hell and back. I can't tell you how much it scares me looking back. I have been through 4 surgery's in a 3 week period. I have died four minutes. I have been through therapy for the past 2 months. But I can tell all of you that everything I have been through I never gave up I never lost hope and I didn't let my injuries defeat me! I may have inspired a lot of people. I may be in a wheel chair and I may never walk again but no matter what I am still going to live my life to it's fullest. This accident really brought my family together. There is one person I wanna thank the most and that is Emily (my girlfriend) without her I don't know what I would of done she has helped me through so much. My journey is about to end looking back scares me but when I look back I don't see the bad things that happened. I see the progress I have made. I have worked my ass off for 2 months to learn how to live life in a different way. I might not be able to ever walk again but I can still do the same thing everyone else can do but slower. I have grown up so much during this time. My journey is about to end. Thank you to all my family and friends and everyone that believed in me! I'm glad I have inspired so many people!



  1. What an amazing young man! I love his strength and confidence. His FB post is very inspiring.
    You're blessed with a beautiful family my friend. Big Hugs to you! Opening your home to help out family is wonderful.

  2. He really is inspiring! I look forward to hearing all the amazing things he continues to do with his life! :)

  3. How sweet! Lucky that he gets to stay with you for a little bit :)

  4. This brought tears to my eyes. He is such an inspiration and I commend his girlfriend for sticking by him. It takes a strong woman to stay by her man even when times get rough. Sending good vibes to you and your family!

  5. I will never forget your text that night when you found out! He has come a long way and I have found out that he is one tough guy! You are one awesome Aunt to give such support to him and the family throughout this entire journey! He is lucky to have you, his girlfriend, and all of his family behind him every step of the way! You Rock Tyler!

  6. What an amazing young man he is, and what a great aunt you are! His story and attitude are truly inspirational.

  7. What an amazing young man, we can all learn from him, live life to the fullest, and what a wonderful aunt you are to welcome him with open arms. Praying for everything

  8. Love this post! Your blog is too cute! Newest follower btw :)