Monday, October 15, 2012

Monday from HELL...

Oh my gosh! If today couldn't get any worse! Bitchy customers calling one after the other for stupid ass shit! Not one, but three call In's today! That's not the worst of it either! Our gutter guy called in and no one told me so I've been telling his customers that he is right on schedule for today not knowing he is home sick in bed!! Hello don't you think someone should have told me since I'm the one who does all the scheduling and answering of all the phone! Needless to say my middle finger is going to start answering every question! lol....

Thank God for Happy Hour today after work! This Girl is going to need it BADLY!!!


  1. Sorry you're having one of those days Monica!!

    Have an extra cocktail for me!!

  2. It's a total Monday for sure!! I do believe a margarita is in store for me tonight after work. I'm meeting my honey for mexican food before a meeting tonight. The margarita will make the meeting more interesting. Just a few more hours Chica and you can go home for the day! :)

  3. Awe That does not sound fun, praying it got better with your happy hour. Just go home and eat some Ben and Jerrys that makes everything better!!!!

  4. Ugh!!!! Hope your day is going better today?