Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Photo Shoot

So I have been on my Best Friends case for years telling her she needs to go into her own business! She takes the most amazing pictures I have ever seen! Finally after 11 Years of me nagging her she bit the bullet and finally did it! She has got a lot of business doing senior pictures and family portraits and is pulling a George Jefferson and moving on up! I'm proud of you Amy..

My son Josh
My Daughter BriAnna
Josh and his girlfriend Talor

Of Course I had to get in at least ONE of the pictures!
Let me introduce you to Amy!


  1. These are fantastic! Great work, Amy!

  2. Amy, I'm jealous of your mad skills and that you get to hang out with Monica all the time!

  3. Dang Amy knows how to work that camera!! Monica, your children are GORGEOUS! I love the pic with you in it. Y'all are so sweet.
    You're an awesome friend to promote your BF's talent. :)

  4. What a great job! She definitely should have been a photographer way back. It takes talent. btw...great gene pool! Your kids (and you) really are beautiful.

  5. Wow those are some great pictures!! She did an amazing job